Reasons Failure is Important for Personal Growth and Success

Many people are phobic of the word “failure,” which is why they refuse to try out new ideas and innovations. For most people, the fear of failure keeps them from trying anything new at all.

The fear of failure will keep you in your comfort zone and limit your creativity as well as your efficiency.

Before we do any new thing in our lives, we often ask ourselves, “What if this doesn’t work?” and because we have already conceived the idea of failing, we fail. And this makes us go back into our shells, and we never want to try something new again.

We frequently believe that failure is the end of the journey, but the truth is that “failure is not the end of the journey; rather, it is a part of the journey.” Failure doesn’t mean you should stop what you are doing; it means you should try a better way of doing what you are doing.
Failure is a very crucial process for success in the sense that it helps you achieve lasting success.

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Here are 4 benefits of failures for your growth and success

1. It makes you stronger
When you get back on your feet after failing, you get stronger and better. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” as the saying goes.
Failures make you stronger because they are training you for success.

2. It makes you wiser
Continuing the journey despite failures undeniably adds to your knowledge because, when you fail, you take note of the reason why you have failed and you will apply wisdom next time.

To explain this better, let's use a 9-year-old girl who wants to learn a double flip for example.
The first time she tried it, oh my God she nearly broke her arms, but she didn't stop there. She reasoned "okay maybe I didn't jump high enough the last time", then she added more Force to her jump the next time, oh no this time she landed with her butt, ouch that hurts. What was the problem this time, she didn't control her body movements while in the air?

You can see how her failures are helping her Lane. So whenever you fail, the next thing to do is not to throw your hands in the air and say “I give up”, but the best thing to do is to analyze the reason for your failure and strategize a better way to do it next time.

3. Makes you immune to failure
The more we fail, the less likely we are to fail. Your whole being starts getting immune to failure because you are now wiser and stronger.

Failure has a way of making its victims immune to it so that next time they won’t fall for the same reason they fell the last time.

So why not embrace the process of failure as a basic requirement for success? Don’t be afraid to fail because you only get better when you learn from your failures.
The experience they say is the best teacher so get ready to fail because it’s inevitable and it is a natural phenomenon.
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In conclusion
Failures can be crucial for personal growth since they can teach people priceless lessons and point out areas where they can improve. Failure can also help you develop tenacity and persistence. Failure can present an opportunity to learn from mistakes, reassess objectives and tactics, and improve problem-solving abilities. Failure can also foster empathy and humility. To avoid letting failure define oneself, one must approach failure with a growth perspective.

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