Why Business Fails: Sometimes We Make Our Loudest Noise in the Loudest Place

Among many more reasons why business fails are bad location, lack of creativity, and lack of the ability to pot good business opportunity.

I was having a conversation with one of my bosses some time ago and he said something that hit me.

He said competition is good in business but you don’t do business where everyone is doing it and expecting success.
Although there is a place for good strategies, I will say that’s not wise and it could lead to wasting time and effort.

It’s very common in Nigeria and I saw that trend as I was growing up; everyone wants to do what everyone is doing. There is no room for creativity or thinking outside the box.

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How can we have 7 POS stalls at just one junction?

Everyone is selling clothes; you also carry the business.

Right now, people selling cloth are more than people wearing cloth now. When everyone is selling who will now buy???? Permit my exaggeration😂😂😂

I mean no offense, It shows that most people are suffering from what is called a “Survival Mentality”. They just want to do what everyone is doing and make little money to survive.

Are you saying that is the best you can do??

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I know you can do better than this, people like you are thinking of dominating industries, sectors, fields, etc

God didn’t send you down here to come and live in survival mode, he sent you here to dominate.

The reason you are doing and attracting survival businesses is that you’re thinking of surviving, the moment you started thinking of dominant, dominating business ideas will flow naturally.

So stop thinking of surviving, think of dominance and you have to be intentional about it.

Thanks for reading.

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